E-marketing strategy

The TELUS Long Distance campaign was targeted at young, busy, city-dwelling professionals who regularly allowed email and instant messaging to replace long distance calling to family and friends. The campaign’s primary objective was to drive an emotional response in the user that stimulated a long distance call. By placing ads on sites where users were in the process of completing a task, the task-based nature of their activity was interrupted by a message that got their attention and elicited an emotional response.

The '‘Text Messaging vs. Voice’' concept contrasted SMS with voice, incorporating interactivity and sound at the banner level. We also compared selected text messaging acronyms to the sounds they represent. The aim was to remind technophiles to use the most advanced technology ever invented – the human voice – when they really want to connect.

In '‘Do the Right Thing’', we encouraged people to use the right form of technology to match the occasion, reinforcing that when it comes to expressing emotions, nothing says it better than the sound of someone’s voice.

The third concept – '‘Something To Talk About’' – focussed on the value of everyday conversation rather than life-altering moments – those times when it just makes sense to pick up the phone.

agency & client: TELUS

e-marketing strategy